Rosie MacLeod

I am a freelance writer, radio journalist and translator. I currently host ‘What They Don’t Tell You About the EU’ on East London Radio. I have written for the Journal of Austrian Studies, Drunk Monkeys and The Vagenda. Translation-wise, I translate from German and French into English. I tweet as @RosieMacLeod4. Instagram:rosie.macleod.3

Journalism, Radio and Translation

In conversation with the then Austrian Ambassador to the UK. December 2018

My Work

Radio and Audio

I have had an interesting life on Radio Road. After three years in music journalism (I’m a massive music geek), I turned my hand to news and politics. As someone with a background in European Union studies, it would have been rude not to bring that knowledge to the table over the course of ‘Breggsit’. I have interviewed several MPs and ambassadors. Radio highlights include reporting from António Guterres’ first UK address and the 50:50 Campaign’s ‘Ask her to stand’ day.

Journalism and writing

My writing experience covers a broad range of subject matter and publications. Literary Journalism, European politics and ‘la vie en féminin’ (life as a woman) have been recurrent themes.


When I say I am a translator, the first response is, without fail, ‘which languages’? I translate German and French into English (my mother tongue). I have been translating for ten years and undertook project management duties in two translation offices beforehand. These experiences have helped me understand the importance of delivering to a deadline and including translator’s notes to make the proofreader’s life easier. I completed my MA in Translation Studies in 2009.

About Me

My radio adventures have taken me backstage with Wheatus and to many a London-based Embassy, giving me oh-so much to dine out on and plenty of inspiration for writing. But until I can relay those stories in person, do familiarise yourself with my work and feel free to get in touch. Ok then- just one anecdote- my radio interview with Wheatus (‘Teenage Dirtbag’) broke the (studio) Internet and crashed the station’s Twitter feed.

Quick CV

East London Radio: since 2017
Women’s Radio Station: 2018
Radio Verulam: 2013-17
Drunk Monkeys: Published 2019
Vagenda: Published 2015
Journal of Austrian Studies: Contributing since 2016


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Chingford, London E4
United Kingdom

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