When I say I am a translator, the first response is always ‘which languages?’ I translate German and French into English (mother tongue).

I have been translating for ten years and undertook project management duties in two translation offices beforehand. These experiences gave me an understanding of the importance of working and delivering work to a deadline and of including translator’s notes to avoid confusion and save time for the proofreaders. I completed my MA in Translation Studies in 2009.

Some ‘vital statistics’:

Language combinations: FR>EN, DE>EN, AT>EN.

Specialist fields: Finance/business, medical, pharmaceutical, legal, business, property, warehouse, medical, insurance, inheritance, property, construction, engineering, industrial.

Time Zone: GMT- London/Lisbon 

Rate: £60 per 1,000 words. (0.06 per source word)

Rate in dollars: $78 per 1,000 words (0.078 per source word)

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